The Forest Unseen paperback edition; copies for course adoption available

paperback3DThe Penguin paperback edition of The Forest Unseen went on sale this week. Having read and enjoyed hundreds of books adorned with the smart little penguin, I’m very happy to see my book published under this imprint. All the other editions of the book — the hardcover, the various e-books — are still available. I’m hoping that this new edition will make the book available and attractive to new readers.

One such group of readers are students. The book is already in use in a few biology, environmental studies, literature, religion and philosophy classes, with great results so far. If you’re a teacher and would like an examination copy, Penguin has free copies available for “course-use consideration.” If you’re interested, please e-mail with your shipping address, course title and enrollment, and decision date. Please include “The Forest Unseen, ISBN: 978-0-14-312294-4” in the email. Penguin does not ship to P.O. boxes, so you’ll need to give a physical address. If you encounter any problems with the process (unlikely), just let me know and I’ll make sure that the books get where they need to go.

I’d be very grateful if you could spread the word to friends and colleagues who might be interested. (To make sharing easier here is the shortlink for this webpage:

To the many readers who have supported the book since its publication last year: Thank you! I’ve been bowled over by your generosity and enthusiasm.

Rambles will continue tomorrow. On the docket (literally): sex, nature and the Supreme Court, with a little help from the Grey Lady.

13 thoughts on “The Forest Unseen paperback edition; copies for course adoption available

  1. flatland57

    I’ll be getting a copy as soon as I can. Congratulations on this edition, and I look forward to your story on the Times. Did you see the story about the decline of the bee population?

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      Thank you! Yes, I saw the bee article — worrying. Ours are doing OK for now. One hive is weak, though. We’re in an area without many ag pesticides, so the situation is somewhat different.

      1. flatland57

        I just read your piece in the NYT. Well done. I wonder how Scalia would react to this information? Seems to me that you can’t get more original than nature.

  2. jim z

    …just read your NYT article…powerful!.. wonderful science…wouldn’t want to debate you on the subject.
    i remain a proud reader; “The Forest Unseen” is a beautiful meditation on Nature.
    .. took some images of wisteria down here in the Charleston SC area today.. will try to send;
    one of our harbingers of spring. with warm regards. jimz

  3. Ira from Mumbai

    Have finished a first reading of The Forest Unseen. My Dad, born in 1893 (yes, I’m now over 70 myself) was always an ardent “naturalist” as they used to say, an ecologist before the word ecology came into common usage. He often read to me and I wish he were here to share your beautiful evocation of this interdependent universe of ours. I’ll be reading the book many times again, a page, a chapter, a paragraph at a time … as I read and reread Walt Whitman’s “Unseen Buds” which your book echoes and amplifies.

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      Dear Ira,

      Thank you! I’m so very happy that you are enjoying the book and that it connects you both to the world’s ecology and to your Dad.

      Thank you for the Whitman reference: a beautiful poem!

      I send my very best wishes,



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