A nature walk for the Supreme Court Justices: my op-ed in the NY Times

This morning the New York Times published my op-ed about nature and same-sex marriage.

Please follow the link above to read the article. What follows is an abbreviated list of links to documents that are relevant to the piece.

Supreme Court documents from docket. Specifically, I quote from: 12-144 Brief of Petitioners on the Merits.

Pope Benedict’s Christmas greetings to the Roman Curia

Roy Moore’s re-election and statements.

Language from the TN Bill that died in the State House this week.

Oscar Wilde trial quotes: here and here.

Japanese cherries: Two cultivars make up most of the Washington DC cherries, the Yoshino Cherry and the Kwanzan Cherry. Photos of bisexual flowers here and here and here.

Elms: The whole genus Ulmus, to which elms belong, is bisexual (e.g., page 369 in Flora of North America, Volume 3. 1997. Edited by the Flora of North America Editorial Committee. Oxford University Press).

Ginkgo: Peter Crane’s 2013 book, Ginkgo, Yale Univ Press discusses both the separation of male and female (page 53) and “spontaneous partial sexual switches” (pages 63-64).

Controversy in the medical literature about how human intersex: Blackless, Fausto-Sterling, and Sax.

Data on the frequency of homosexual bonds and sex in birds: MacFarlane.

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