Graupel into beech

Yesterday, on the leading edge of the snow storm, rain turned icy, pelting the woods with interesting nouns-that-should-be-verbs: rime and graupel. This bombardment made for delicious sounds, and not just on the human tongue.

Here is the percussive beat of this snowy ice falling into the marcescent leaves of a young beech (heard best with headphones):

In .wav format:

In case your browser doesn’t like .wav, the same recording, in .mp3 format:

Next morning, Junebug and I had the pleasure of making the first tracks on the snowy trails, listening to the whomp and whisper of the woods.

2014-02-13 ash shakerag snow 019

5 thoughts on “Graupel into beech

  1. forstegrupp

    Hello! What a lovely picture and the word “graupel” in combination with “rime” struck me as very Anglo-Saxon. No, it is Germanic according to the OED and a back-formation from the verb “graupeln” meaning to “hail with soft hailstones.” My word-horde is richer after your post! Thanks!


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