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  1. Mary Beth

    U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood on a team of women who are cycling across America to advocate for bike-friendly roads & communities: “…I encourage you to visit their Ride For Safe Routes website…Don’t miss their online counter for miles ridden, sunscreen used, and turtles saved. That’s right, Jane, Jeanie, Chelsea, and Stephanie are not only promoting safe, healthy routes for our children; they’re also saving turtles. And for all of that, I say thank you and please stay safe.”

    : )


    1. David George Haskell Post author

      A counter for “turtles saved”? Gotta love ’em. http://www.rideforsaferoutes.com/ Looks like a great ride. And thank you Ray LaHood for holding these women up for celebration.

      Turns out, the road that this turtle sign sits on has been nominated for some kind of state funds for bike-friendly modification. I don’t recall the name of the program, but I put my 2 cents in the process. The rd is currently not safe for bikers or turtles, although both species are frequently seen trundling along its asphalt surface.

      :) backatcha


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