“’Hope’ is the thing with feathers,” so tells us Ms. Dickinson.

So, a bird feeder is a baiting station for hope. And why not invite wild, feathered dreams? Hope is also a classroom full of students eager to learn about feathers and other seemingly esoteric parts of the community of life.

The 2012 Ornithology class, giving me some scrutiny. We'd just installed the feeder behind.

The feeder sits below the “moon tree” – a tree whose seed went to the moon (oh, curious journey), and is now back on Earth.

I imagine that no other tree on the planet is more relieved to have its roots worming through the soil of home.

4 thoughts on “Bait

  1. John Carey

    I always enjoy your rambles. I left the mountain in 1966, smarter than I was when I came, but not nearly so smart as I imagined myself to be. Now, after forty years of life with my partner, including the adoption of our son, I am beginning to learn the meaning of wisdom.

    Many thanks for using the internet for your musings.
    John Carey


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