Revival (no tent please)

Air from the Gulf of Mexico has come for a visit, bringing warmth, rain, and ever-changing clouds. I took this shot yesterday morning before walking into Shakerag Hollow.

As wet air hits the slopes, it gets pushed up and cooled, making low-hanging clouds that rise and fall slowly, dipping us into and out of the fog.

Mosses and lichens love this weather. No tree canopy interferes with their feeding (there is now more light on the ground than in mid-summer) and the gentle rains moisten, plump, and revive them.

They seem ignited, hungry for light. I could dive into their green: alive!

In the heavy rain, I briefly took shelter under a rock overhang.

Another species had done the same last summer. This is the old nest of a phoebe, tucked into the back wall. It is lined with dried moss, perhaps plucked from the same clumps of moss that I had been admiring in the forest.

I enjoy a brief soaking in warm rain (is this January?), but Junebug says that the raindrops hurt her eyeballs…


4 thoughts on “Revival (no tent please)

  1. Don Nelson in Texas

    Your descriptions are as outstanding as your photos. That’s not a very common combo. I could almost hear the rain from under that rock ledge.

  2. Sonia Kay MacKenzie

    Thanks for sharing your morning walks with us, especially this one. Yes, those shades of green. Does want to make you dive in. Especially in the spring I wonder: Just how many shades of green are there on this earth? Wonderful photos.


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