Signed books and bookplates: Sounds Wild and Broken

In gratitude for the support of my readers, I’m offering signed and inscribed copies of Sounds Wild and Broken. You can get a signed copy or a bookplate here, perfect for all lovers of nature and music!

If you’ve enjoyed the book already, I’d be grateful if you could share your thoughts with your friends and family, and via social media. The holiday season is hugely important in the life of any book and testimony from readers is the very best way for people to hear about new works. Here are links to shareable pages and posts: WebsiteFacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

I’m so thankful to all my readers for your support. In Sounds Wild and Broken I celebrate and elevate the diverse sounds and creative forces of the living Earth. It means the world to me when people join me in these explorations. Thank you!

For books without inscriptions, here are a few links to the book at some of my favorite indie bookstores: Point Reyes BooksParnassus BooksMalaprops Books, and Eagle Eye Books. For links to online retailers see my publisher’s page in the US. The book is sold in the UK by Faber and in Australia by Black Inc.

For UK readers, Thirteen Ways to Smell a Tree is out in paperback. It is currently on sale at Blackwell’s and other shops. Blackwell’s also ships free to the US.

If you’re looking for additional ideas for books to read or give, here are a few that I’ve enjoyed reading in the last year: How I Became a Tree by Sumana Roy, Being a Human by Charles Foster, The Rise and Reign of the Mammals by Steve Brusatte, Bitch by Lucy Cooke, Sonorous Desert by Kim Haines-Eitzen, When I Sing, Mountains Dance by Irene Solà, Why Fish Don’t Exist by Lulu Miller, English Pastoral by James Rebanks, Of Sound Mind by Nina Kraus, and Life on the Rocks by Juli Berwald. 

I’m posting this to my blog, Ramble. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter (which goes out 2-3 times per year) I apologize for double posting.

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