What does a rattlesnake sound like?


…before being released from the bucket in which I transported the snake from a friend’s house.

One cannot age a rattlesnake by simply counting the rattles (they gain a rattle with each molt, but usually molt more than once per year). However, this one was a youngster, maybe two years old? My post from June 2013 has a look at their teeth and some better scale shots of a larger individual.

2015-07-07 rattlesnake 0112015-07-07 rattlesnake 0082015-07-07 rattlesnake 007May your crawlway be strewn with sunflecks and chipmunks, young snake.

10 thoughts on “What does a rattlesnake sound like?

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      It went in by itself, with the bucket on its side. Usually I use a broom or long stick to gently persuade them to go into the bucket (deep bucket = very important! e.g., large trash can).

  1. Doug Meyer

    David, did you happen to release this guy on the Caldwell Rim Trail? I just decided to let a 4-5 foot Timber Rattlesnake own the trail and turned back the way I came. Thankfully it let me know it was there well in advance. Do these snakes typically only come out during the daytime to feed and heat up in the sun? I run the Sewanee trails 3 or more times a week around 0530. In 2+ years I’ve never seen one before, and I’m hoping I never encounter one while running. I don’t think I could have stopped in time!!

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      No, not on Caldwell Rim. 4-5 foot is longer than this guy. Glad it gave you warning! I seldom encounter them, so the probability of running into one is very low. They tend to sit-and-wait day and night, often near a log. Copperheads I see most often in the evening on the bluff: that is where and when I am most cautious, along with walking at night off trail. Chiggers concern me far more during the day…

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