Je suis Charlie?

Charlie Hebdo is back in circulation. But freedom of expression is of course massively restricted in many parts of the world. Je suis Charlie? Unfortunately the answer is too often, no.

For a couple of practical steps that you can take to help one writer experiencing egregious punishment for setting up a blog in Saudi Arabia, see these pages at PEN America and Amnesty International.

4 thoughts on “Je suis Charlie?

  1. allison

    I saw this yesterday by an author that made a very compelling point that many of the would leaders who attended the march in France would return to their own countries and continue to suppress voices of their own dissenters.

    We tend to see the extremes like this and overlook the individuals who deal with a more silent and unfortunately legal (albeit still inhumane) methods of suppression.

    “Blasphemy” is a dressed up word for “my ideology can’t stand up to criticism, so criticism is not allowed.” And unfortunately that comes in the form of terrorists and governments alike.

    Thank you for being another voice that highlights the case of Raef Badawi.


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