The Forest Unseen audiobook from Tantor

Unseen it may be, but it will not now be unheard. Tantor Audio has just published an audio edition of The Forest Unseen, narrated by Michael Healy. I have not yet listened to the whole reading, but the parts that I’ve heard are great.

You can hear a sample, buy the CDs or mp3s, and hear some clips from the woods on Tantor’s website.

Cover art for the CD case, with Buck Butler’s great photo making another appearance:



14 thoughts on “The Forest Unseen audiobook from Tantor

  1. Nancy Jones


    Do you still have signed bookplates available? I would like to present your book to a retiring board member and this would be a nice touch to include!


    Nancy Jones Blue Heron Nature Preserve

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  2. Neil

    Wonderful news. I really enjoyed reading your book and I look forward to hearing it read aloud. Thank you for sharing your studies and insights into nature.

  3. John Pritchard

    I am greatly enjoying the book, but I just read one thing that bothered me. In what I assume is an attempt a humor you repeat the myth of “Haight-Ashbury trippers” jumping off buildings. As far as I can tell this has no basis in reality, and it sounds more like anti-drug hysteria / propaganda. In fact I believe that “trippers” are often found in the forest, sitting in one spot for hours, “tripping” on the beauty of nature.

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      Indeed, beauty is a trip. My information about Haight-Ashbury comes from the stories told to me by the people in whose apartment I stayed when I visited that neighborhood. There is also quite a bit of peer-reviewed data on the effects of hallucinogens. No hysteria intended. Drug use is a complex issue, I grant.


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