A couple of interesting opportunities from Orion…

…the wonderful magazine, not the belted constellation. Check ’em out:

1. Orion is teaming up with Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and Middlebury College’s Environmental Studies Program to offer the Bread Loaf Orion Environmental Writers’ Conference. This is a residential conference, so it is available only to those with spare time and money, but for those who can attend it promises to be a fruitful week. The organizers have kept costs low (compared to other events like this) and are offering some financial help. The list of faculty and staff is amazing.

2. Two of the best writers of our time, Robert Macfarlane and Rebecca Solnit, will discuss writing in an open phone/web conference on December 5th. Registration is free. This should be a great discussion and no-one has to burn fuel to get there, so it’s a low-carb event.

5 thoughts on “A couple of interesting opportunities from Orion…

  1. Mollie Babize

    Really appreciate this heads up. Conference is pretty pricey; the other Orion-sponsored writers workshop I’ve wanted to participate in is the Wildbranch workshop up at Sterling College, also in VT. Maybe this is the year!

  2. Van Bunch

    Thanks for promoting anything Orion. Simply the best outlet for the confluence or art and advocacy. If so many prominent current writers are to be there, the conference must include you, no?


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