The Forest Unseen — readings from the woods

I’ve posted some short readings from The Forest Unseen on the book’s website. I recorded these excerpts in the woods, sitting at the same small area of forest that is the book’s focus. Unlike studio recordings, these audio clips have plenty of background noise, especially cicadas. That seems fitting, given the book’s setting and subject matter. After all, one of the themes of the book is that the world’s “background noise” is worth hauling out of the background and into our field of attention.

I have one or two more audio files in process…so I’ll post more next week.

7 thoughts on “The Forest Unseen — readings from the woods

  1. overtlysimple

    Your book was recommended to me by Nancy at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. It was a wonderful glimpse into our ever changing habitat & taught me a lot. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Neil

    Thank you for “The Forest Unseen” which provided me with the insight to view and appreciate nature in its smallest aspects. I also enjoy reading the “Ramble.”
    I do wish that you would record “The Forest Unseen.” When it comes to observations of nature, it seems to me that the spoken word conveys so much more meaning than that which is printed. But, as you mentioned in a prior posting, your publisher has the final word ( whether that word be spoken or printed).
    Thank you for sharing your observations and knowledge.


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