Reflections on The Forest Unseen

The Sewanee Magazine’s summer issue includes an article in which I offer some thoughts about my book, The Forest Unseen, and its relation to science, contemplation, and teaching. I’m delighted with the article’s layout and I’m particularly honored to have my photos of Shakerag Hollow featured alongside those of my friend and former student Stephen L. Garrett.

Thank you to Buck Butler for inviting and editing this essay. I’ve posted a pdf of the piece on Issuu.

Thoreau went to the woods to suck out all the marrow of life. I, too, wanted to learn what the woods had to teach, but my teeth are weaker, so I worried at the gristle, gradually gnawing my way into Sewanee’s bones…

2 thoughts on “Reflections on The Forest Unseen

  1. Marie Wilson

    When I opened the mailbox the other day I pulled out the Sewanee Magazine and saw that there was a featured article from a biology professor. By the title, I guessed it was you, and was delighted to find an extensive article with beautiful pictures AND the fact that you wrote a book!! Can’t wait to pick it up :-)


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