Forest Unseen, update II

I just learned that The Forest Unseen is now in its second printing, which is great news. I know that the enthusiasm of many of the followers of this blog is part of the reason for this success: thank you. A paperback version will be coming out in spring of 2013.

Some recent reviews include one in the NRDC’s magazine, OnEarth, and inclusion in John Sutherland’s essay about the direction of modern “nature writing” in the Financial Times. I was particularly honored to be included in this essay alongside authors whose work I greatly admire.

I am in Santa Cruz, CA, today giving a talk at UCSC. Banana slugs are underfoot, ravens overhead, and redwoods surround buildings on campus. What passes for rain in these parts is falling outside, what Tennesseans might call a vigorous, organized mist; apparently this may be the only precipitation until the autumn.

11 thoughts on “Forest Unseen, update II

  1. Robley

    Hooray for the second printing and Santa Cruz, where I have been in that organized mist and have admired those banana slugs in a redwood forest!

  2. Stephanie

    in awe of and rediscovering the forest after reading your wonderful book. Now at stoplights I stare at untended roadside foliage and wonder about the busy web of life that must be hiding in that square meter.
    Pretty excited to identify Venus Fly traps in my backyard-all thanks to your lovely writing!

  3. Bill

    Congratulations! Much deserved honors. Going to sewanee observatory for the Venus transit tomorrow. Thanks for input on that also.

    1. Grace

      The link divided for some reason – copy and paste into your browser. A friend who lives atop a hill in a heavily wooded area has two owls who are regular visitors to her birdbath.

  4. Carol Logan

    I am enjoying your book The Forest Unseen very much. I am only at the horsehair worm, they are the meanest and the information about chickadees and about joules (a new word for me) and how they survive winter, etc. It’s fascinating that you are finding so much of interest and explain it so we understand. It’s a wonder that you would ever think of doing such a thing and sharing is the best part. Congratulations on your second printing!


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