Strolling on the beach

Two days ago these white-tailed deer sauntered out of the woods near Lake Cheston and walked the length of the beach, stopping occasionally to drink from the shallow water. They skipped off after a couple of minutes, leaving some crisp tracks in the sand.

There is nothing quite like the sight of ungulates ambling in the dawn light to take you back to the good old days.

7 thoughts on “Strolling on the beach

  1. Grace

    If you haven’t seen Werner Herzog’s film, Cave for Forgotten Dreams, you should. It’s about the cave drawings discovered in the Chauvet caves of southern France, which are going to be restricted mostly to researchers to avoid endangering the millenia-old cave drawings. The drawings include a phenomenal group of horses and many depictions of running. The film is actually worth seeing in 3-D; the justification for 3-D production is plain when you’re sitting in the theatre. In the Lescaux drawings, the tails are so long! Is this an accurate depiction or an exaggeration?

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      Dear Grace, Thank you for this link. I have not seen the film and will look into it. It sounds fascinating. As to the accuracy of the drawings, they do not look 100% proportional (yes, the tails are very long, “too” long). I don’t know much about this, but some anthropologists have tried to figure out the meanings behind these distortions — how the shrunken and enlarged body parts may symbolize things within the art. Of course, some of the species depicted, e.g., the aurochs, are extinct (at least the European aurochs are), so we’ll never know for sure. Many thanks for your comment and film suggestion! David


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