Nuclear power for Earth Week

At the CCJP Earth Week fair this weekend, Chris Lancaster had a great display of solar panels from the last decade. These panels are the best kind of nuclear power — harvesting energy from the nuclear fusion plant located at the center of the solar system. The risks associated with this nuclear power plant are outlined with admirable brevity here.

Chris’ display was a practical reminder that solar cell costs continue to decline, a trend that was discussed in this interesting blog post at Scientific American.

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I threw in a slide of the oldest and the best panels of all.

2 thoughts on “Nuclear power for Earth Week

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks so much. Wish I could get off the grid. Wanted to see your cob oven demonstration but couldn’t get out of the office. If we all don’t change our ways, I fear there won’t be offices as we know them.

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      The Green House students get 100% of the cob credit — I just passed along their announcement. They are reusing some of the materials from the old oven that my students and I built years ago. This new oven will be closer to civilization (or whatever it is we live in…) and will get more use.


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