Kidding #1

Hazel had her baby this afternoon, the first of the year for the goat herd. Sarah has named the kid Foxglove.

The first thing Hazel did was, like all new goat mothers, to subject Foxglove to a frenzy of licking. This licking dries the kid, stimulates her to get up, and lets the mother know the smell and taste of her youngster. No licking, no bonding. Sarah’s blog has some good video.

Within a few hours, Foxglove was up and about, even trying a few little leaps. She looks to be a strong, sassy one.

Across the path, the two young boys crowded at the fence to see the new arrival. Pretty much anything excites these little guys, so a new herd member about blew their rambunctious minds.

2 thoughts on “Kidding #1

  1. Sonia Kay MacKenzie

    Too wonderful–both the stills and Sarah’s video. I’m going to forward them to my son.
    What about that star in the middle of the baby’s forehead, at least that’s what we called them with colts when it looked like it would take the shape of a star. I’ve signed up for Sarah’s blog too. Didn’t know she had one before now. Like I have time for more email, but this is my stop-and- smell-the-roses surrogate. “Ah, when I retire . . .,” I keep telling myself. Thank you so much for reminding us of what’s real. Can’t wait to read your book. Many blessings to you both and the Goats, Kay

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      Thank you, Kay. Yes, that star is indeed cute — just like her grandma Henbit (who died earlier this year). This kid is not nearly so reticent as Henbit, though. “Real” gets hard to define sometimes (I write this via wifi etc etc from the other side of the country), but a kid goat being born must surely count.


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