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…the Occupy movement burns seven corporate offices in lower Manhattan

…EarthFirst burns seven GMO research labs

…black teenagers burn seven CVS stores

…jihadists burn seven suburban shopping malls

Media storm. 24/7 coverage of America-in-crisis.

National Guard on the streets.

Bring out the military gear, boys. This is the War on Terror


Seven black churches burn in the South.


Broken only by bullshit chirping of media crickets.

NPR’s website this morning: nothing.

New York Times last nights posted this report from the Associated Press. Stunning, just stunning. The fires are “unrelated” and associated with lightning. This morning, an expanded report in small font, way down the front page, still passes along, without critical comment, the line that these fires are unrelated.

No pattern of racist terror here, nosireee. Trust us.

USA Today, breaking with the highbrows, ran the story from its front page, but spun the line that arson attacks had “no obvious signs pointing to a hate crime.”

Fox News mentioned nothing, except “vandalism” to a statue of a white supremacist.

As Mahalia Jackson sung, If we never needed the Lord before, we sure need him now.