First bloodroot

There is a rain-lashing cold front on the way, but the first bloodroot of the season says what the heck, it’s time. Bring on the pollinators today please, tomorrow my petals will be food for worms. Other bloodroots: still buried under the litter. 

4 thoughts on “First bloodroot

  1. Paul Martin, Sydney, Australia

    Your previous post mentioned that flowers and leaves are emerging earlier than ever in North America (by 11 days in the Washington DC area in the final 30 years of the 20th century). Is that observation true of all plant species in North America, or do different species react differently to the earlier onset of spring.

    On another note, I have just pre-ordered “The Songs of Trees” and I look forward to receiving it in April. I greatly enjoyed the lyrical prose, scientific observation and serious reflection in “”The Forest Unseen”. I read the review in the “New York Times” and it was what informed me of the book and prompted me to buy it. Congratulations on both publications!

  2. Carl Oplinger

    I always look for the first blood root in my backyard and then for hearing the first spring peeper,  my animal choice for my doctoral study at Cornell in the early sixties. Keep posting delightful and thoughtful messages. Cheers, Carl

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