Art installation and allegory: Grimes Ave, Ocean Point.

Imagine that you own a large house overlooking one of Maine’s most scenic shorelines. You might ask yourself: How can I best honor and enjoy the privilege of owning property adjacent to this grand meeting of ocean and land?

The obvious answer: Artillery. Set up launching pad for fluorescent orange clay targets, fling them over the shoreline and ocean, then gun them down. The shrapnel falls into the commons, the sea and rocky tidal zone. People wandering on the rocks, along your property line, enjoy a bright confetti of broken clay amid the barnacles.

To crown the sport, erect a sign asking passers-by to be… respectful.

Rachel Carson’s Edge of the Sea…updated for gunners.








10 thoughts on “Art installation and allegory: Grimes Ave, Ocean Point.

  1. John Salmond

    “Property is theft” is an idea that has often come to mind in different contexts as I’ve gone thru life.

    Now I’m sure that the worldview that breaks the world into lots of little pieces of private property to dispose of as the “owner” thinks fit must be abandoned in favour of the idea that we are all just small mutually-dependant parts of a whole.

    1. Nuria Armengol

      “we are all just small mutually-dependant parts of a whole.” I can’t agree more. I just can’t see how this concept that implies respect for others and for environment,
      can be transformed to a social organization, beyond small communities.

  2. Anonymous

    Only in America! As we say in Australia where it’s not legal to own land to high water mark so that all beaches are accessible.


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