Silhouette: a short hawk quiz

A fuss of blue jays and robins. Look up:


Some clues:
unhappy songbirds
a tail that extends beyond the wing tips, but not too far
stout chest

Red-shouldered hawk. Not a Cooper’s Hawk? The tail is too short and the body too chunky. (Birders: let loose with corrections as needed!)

I used the computer to zip down the brightness of the photograph:

hawk3Coarse streaking: an immature bird. It took off after a young robin… and so the next generation relearn the old ways.

8 thoughts on “Silhouette: a short hawk quiz

  1. dale swant

    I say good call and must admit that if I had doubt , chasing a bird might have tilted me toward the accipiter . I also complement your focus on the tail and would add the tip profile looks more buteo to my eye. And finally , your use of technology continues to impress me – the streaking and leg thickness really show up in the enhanced picture. A note to any readers who don’t know , I have birded with David a few times any he is an excellent birder in my view.

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      Thank you, Dale! I suspect that this youngster hawk will need to figure out that it has better luck hunting snakes and frogs than robins. I hope you’re seeing some good summer birds.

  2. Russ

    Red-shouldered all the way. We’ve watched two young ones growing up this summer in our suburban central Florida neighborhood. Here, it’s almost always the jays who signal that a Cooper’s or the red-shoulder is hanging around.


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