“The fox also shall dwell with the armadillo…”

A few weeks ago, I saw a fox saunter through the woods, then slip into a hole that, judging from the earth piled at its entrance is at least several feet deep. I set up a camera to see what was shaking. Surprise: most of the comings and goings were of armadillos snuffling their way in and out of the pit.

The Xenarthans were not alone, though. A fox was also a regular visitor, always alone. My hopes for gamboling pups have not yet been realized. This may be a temporary canine interloper in a armadillo-dug chamber.

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What I think is a coyote also came by, no doubt looking for ‘dillo snacks or hot-dogs. The larger size, longer legs, proportionately shorter tail, and stout-shaped face all suggest coyote to me. I’d welcome other ideas.

coy_queryNo cockatrices, yet, in this den. Isaiah says they’re down there, though.

15 thoughts on ““The fox also shall dwell with the armadillo…”

  1. Todd Crabtree

    Armadillo holes are common in the forests bordering the Natchez Trace Parkway north of the Duck River, and likely further south. Sometimes very narrow paths extend from them and along the topographic contours. Earlier this month I saw a pair of armadillos shuffling along the forest floor about 6 feet away and parallel to their trail on which I stood. Apparently they knew that I and another person were there but the armadillos were not alarmed.

  2. Russ

    Definitely coyote. The sharper angle of the back knee and the tail are giveaways. Thanks for your always interesting observations.


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