Waiting for feeding time…

bench goatsSix weeks on, Cassia’s quads have healthy appetites and like to wait for dinner (lait en bouteille, servi chaud) in comfort. Two bucks on the left (Redbud aka Buddy, and Badger Boy); two does on the right (Anemone aka Me-Me and Jonquil aka Quilla).

12 thoughts on “Waiting for feeding time…

      1. Janet Beasley

        AWWWWW :-))) They do know how pose. Someone told me that in order to
        not get caught in fencing or shrubbery bucks have their horns burned off as soon
        as they appear??? Your opinion please :-)

        Janet Beasley

  1. martine

    Cute little youngsters ! They seem to have excellent adoptive parents :-) !
    About the horns : here in Europe, a large part of the cattle is dehorned, just for economical reasons and for the confort of farmers farm workers and breeders. I find this a barbaric practice.

  2. Dan

    Mr. Haskell — Love the blog and loved The Forest Unseen. It may be a bit of an odd question, but could I trouble you for a hand lens recommendation?


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