Turtle tracks

Tracks left by young snapping turtle. Body length, about two inches. May 1st, Sewanee TN.

Tracks left by young snapping turtle. Body length: about two inches. May 1st, 2013, Sewanee TN. Habitat: puddle on gravel road between Alabama and Willie Six Avenues.

loggerhead crawl2

Tracks left by adult female loggerhead sea turtle. Body length: about forty inches. July 6th, 2012, St Catherine’s Island, GA. Habitat: large salty puddle between America and Africa.

4 thoughts on “Turtle tracks

  1. Carl S. Oplinger

    Good timing. My wife and I are on a vacation on Jekyll Island and a rainy day drove us indoors, to the GA sea turtle center. Impressive rehab, public awareness and education site filled today with children from nearby school. I am a retired ecology professor (Muhlenberg College, see also Muhlenberg (bog) turtle, an endangered species. I am enjoying the Ramble messages but have not responded previously. Enjoyed THE FOREST UNSEEN, almost made me want to give up retirement to teach a First Year seminar with that book as a springboard for many topics liberal arts students should be pursuing in their first year.

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      The Center sounds like a great place. I should try to get down there when I’m next on the coast.

      I’ve very happy and honored to hear that you’ve enjoyed the book and the blog. Thank you!


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