Synchronized kidding

Cassia and Hazel made a bid for the new Olympic marathon event of kinda-but-not-exactly-synchronized-kidding, producing five kids in one night. They spread this excitement through the night, just to keep the audience stimulated. Four of the five followed regular diving protocol, splashing into the world headfirst; the fifth performed a flip, finishing with the flourish known as “ass backwards,” a sure way to get a lung full of water. You can see nighttime photos of the newborns on Sarah’s blog.

Jupiter oversaw the whole proceedings from his barn perch:

jupiterThe kids are now all dry and ready to go: (Nap/feed/play)*repeat.

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7 thoughts on “Synchronized kidding

  1. Anonymous

    They are so, so cute. Lucky you to have five brand-new furry creatures. When I was a kid, we called this “lambing season.” (And the married student housing at the ag school was the lambing pens.) But these are even cuter than lambs.

  2. Kat Z.

    I tried logging in to Sarah’s blog, but was thwarted. Just wanted to say “Congratulations!”
    You two must have been up all night . . . and having a great time kidding around.

    1. David George Haskell Post author

      Thank you Kat. It was definitely an “all nighter” and Sarah took the brunt of it — making sure all the kids were starting off right.

      (Sarah’s blog does not having commenting activated.)


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