A little jaunt in the early morning…

…down to Bridal Veil Falls, below Morgan’s Steep. Unlike yesterday when the air was warm and the spring peepers were calling, a cold front has pushed some real November chill into the woods. The frogs were silent, but a Winter Wren was singing its heart out. Surely this species is our most vigorous songster, heard only in the winter months (this video and recording from Lang Elliott and Bob McGuire is remarkable — these are not easy birds to approach).

The stream at Bridal Veils comes out of the sandstone scree, hits the limestone layer, then plunges into a pit.

Junebug was fascinated by the pit, but didn’t take the leap. There are some huge toads, snails, and slugs down there. Even in summer, the air at the bottom is moist and cool.

The big waterfall is not the only force sculpting the rock here. Limestone dissolves readily and the rocks have been shaped by years of trickles and oozes.

Even a tiny drip over the lip of a rock has cut a U into its path.

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