Hush in NYC

I am on a quick visit to New York City. Amid the exultant noise of the city three areas of unusual quiet stand out:

The house sparrows seem content to go about their business without the chatter of their country cousins. These city birds know to save their breath, perhaps. Why compete?

Cabs with hybrid engines. It has been several years since I’ve been in the city, so the quiet of the cabs is disconcerting, but heartening. This is one more demonstration of the generality that cities are in many ways greener than the countryside. NYC performs particularly well in many energy-use rankings.

The “Permanent Mission of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to the United Nations.” My hotel is a couple of blocks away, so I wandered down there to see whether I could see any reflections of the day’s turmoil. The building is the only quiet place for many blocks. Only an idling NYPD vehicle parked in front breaks the stillness. Somehow the quiet seems more distressing than a noisy crowd.

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