Cicadas in Sewanee, update

So far, the thirteen-year cicadas have been much more active in the valley than on the mountain. There are a few buzzing around Hat Rock Rd and Willie Six Rd, but most places in Sewanee have no cicadas. They may still be on their way, the soil here being cooler than in the valley. However, thirteen years ago the cicadas were also much less common in Sewanee/Monteagle than in the lower surrounding areas.

2 thoughts on “Cicadas in Sewanee, update

  1. Robley Hood

    Oops. Please un-moderate the first one with the incorrect email address!

    I heard them only when I went down to the valley. As soon as I dropped down after the big rock, they roared. Because I had read your decibel entry, I knew just how loud they truly are. Thanks for that!


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