After my last blog post about the lack of street art snails, I was dumbfounded to walk up to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Phildelphia and see this:

Snail outside ANSP (the red brick building behind). There seems to have been some convergent evolution with bryophytes.

The ANSP also has cool dinos in front:

Deinonychus at ANSP


Thanks to the kind welcome of Amanda Lawless, Research Assistant in the Department of Malacology, I was able to examine more Anguispira specimens, including some from Sewanee collected in the mid-19th century when Sewanee was known as “University Place”:

Old Skool malacology in Sewanee

More holotypes. This one is from a species endemic to one small part of Kentucky:

Anguispira rugoderma holotype

A cornucopia of tigersnails!

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